Smart Software For Body Temperature / PPE Detection / Coughing Recognition

  • Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)¬†algorithms we have designed a smart security system that can be integrated with any existing CCTV network at a venue.
  • Empowered by a dozen years of experience in the field of IT, CodeFirm has merged some of the most requested facility security features in a smart BT/PPE detection system.
  • The system is meant as an initial level of security screening creating little inconvenience or interruption the movement of guests and employees.
  • Fast alert detection allows security staff to be able to create escalation protocols and how to best approach individuals who activate different alerts.

Why It's The Best Platform On The Market
- FaEVision Features -


Temperature Checking

IR cameras required (can be added to an existing system) Abnormal Temperature Detection and Alert System


PPE Scanning

Alert for guests / employees not wearing required PPE with set restricted areas.


Cough Tracking

Check for abnormal coughing throughout an occupancy for additional follow-up.


Contact Tracing

Trace contacts throughout an occupancy for proactive isolation measures.

Constant Monitoring

How It Works

  • Thermal and classic CCTV cameras continuously monitor your venue for signs of threat making sure you are protected at any entrance/exit or throughout your facility.
  • Our system is 100% Touch-less and set to work with existing security systems by providing additional security and peace of mind for passive scanning during venue operational hours.
  • Enhances ability to develop a process for further screening and potential removal of sick individuals. Screening deters employees, visitors, or contractors who know the facilities are being monitored.
  • Live anonymized analytics and downloadable reports are available via API, mobile app, and web portal.

Location Based Alerts

Set alerts based on each camera feed within your facility.

Notify Relevant Staff

Alert staff associated to covering each location.


Passive Threat Detection

Passively detect threats without direct human monitoring.

Single Screen Monitoring

View up to 12 camera feeds in one monitor.

We Meet All State & Federal Guidelines

Privacy Is Important

  • Our solutions are fully privacy compliant: they store temperature data but no personal identifiable information.
  • We are HIPPA, COPPA , and GDPR Compliant. No photos/videos, personal data, medical data, or names are stored in the platform.
  • Our system is meant as a first step security screening and monitoring platform and not a medical scan. Allowing venues to quickly set their own internal procedures and protocols.
  • Venue and security alert SMS/Emails are anonymized and do not have ability to see faces of prior alerts or detection just anonymized data complaint with GDPR regulations.